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WordCamp Sylhet 2023 Recap – Richest Experience Like Never Before

Hello, world! I’m finally writing my WordCamp Sylhet 2023 recap with great joy!

You know the reason; I had a very rich experience there.

After WordCamp Asia 2023, it’s my second international WordCamp and the first one in our region, South Asia. This must be due to our shared culture, I felt comfort and warmth in Bangladesh.

Really glad to be a part of the first-ever WordCamp Sylhet!

I got the opportunity to speak along with veteran WordPress contributors in a panel on conference day and co-lead the Marketing table on Contributor’s Day! 🙏🏿😇

My friends at the WordPress Sylhet community, you did a great job! 👏👏👏. It was a grand event fueled by the unmatched enthusiasm of organizers and attendees, backed by great sessions and sheer dedication to community and contribution.

I enjoyed every bit of it and learned so much from every one of you! Thank you! 😊

To all of our Bangladeshi friends, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful experience I had during our Bangladesh tour. You showed what the epitome of hospitality and fraternity means.

Thank you! 🙏

Joined “WordPress Contributions” Panel!

First international WordCamp that I joined as a panelist!

Watch our “WordPress Contributions” Panel Discussion!

Nepali WordCampers Had Fun!

We had a great time at WordCamp Sylhet 2023 conference day. Let the photos speak for themselves!

Nepali WordPressors Enjoying WordCamp Sylhet 2023

Co-Led Marketing Table on Contributor’s Day!

Mumtahina Faguni of WordPress Dhaka and I co-led the marketing table on Contributor’s Day. We had a blast time sharing and learning with amazingly enthusiastic participants.

After-Party Around Malnicherra Tea Estate!

After the Contributor’s Day was done, we visited Malnicherra Tea Estate in Sylhet. Our friends from WP Manage Ninja were our guides and a great company to us. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart!

Word{Press Sisters from Nepal and Bangladesh

Tour to Sada Pathor, Volagonj.

The next day, our friends planned a tour to Sada Pathor, Volagonj. It’s beautiful with lakes, rivers, and a green hill range. Next, we went to the Ratargul Swamp Forest. We sang our songs. And also met a popular singer boatman.

WordPress Friends of Nepal and Bangladesh Having Fun at Sada Pathor, Sylhet.

Dinners at Our Friends’ Places in Dhaka

After 3 days at Sylhet, we came to Dhaka. Our friends in Dhaka welcomed us with the most delicious dinners. The first dinner was by Sekander Badsha bhai, and the second night was by Zumanur Rahman bhai. 🙂

Dinners at Our WordPress Friends in Dhaka

Visited WordPress Companies in Dhaka’s Heart

My friend Ganga Kafle (KafleG) shared a lot about the offices of WordPress companies in Dhaka, and we were really eager to see them. Our dreams came true. WPDeveloper, WeDevs, and JoulesLabs welcomed us wholeheartedly. 🙂

WordPress Office Visits in Dhaka

More Company Visits, Parties, and Dinners

We continued office visits and parties. 😀 Our friends at StorePress offered a tasty breakfast treat and a tour of their newly set office. Saad Sharif bhai took us for a lovely lunch. Our friends at Ollyo fully managed our tour to their office and back to our hotel, plus they showed us their staggeringly beautiful office. Liton Arefin bhai wouldn’t let us return without having dinner at his place.

Office Visits, Get Togethers, Dinners at Dhaka by WordPress Friends

Additional Shots from Our Bangladesh Tour

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who made this journey so beautiful. I repeat I had the richest WordCamp experience in Bangladesh.

Can’t end without thanking Liton Arefin bhai again. Thanks a lot for arranging our entire journey in Bangladesh.


Lastly, thanks to KafleG for taking us to all the places, to other travel mates, our companies, our families, and the WordPress community.

नमस्ते। सेवा ।

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