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As you have seen me on WordCamp stages and popular online platforms like HeroPress, Themeisle, and Go with WP. Find the archive of posts and videos featuring my work.

Spoke at the Historic WordCamp Asia 2023

I had the honor of speaking at the historic WordCamp Asia 2023 in Thailand, where I shared my passion for teaching and mentoring young talents in WordPress. This role brings me great joy, as it allows me to make a positive impact with my knowledge.

Sunita Rai Interview on Themeisle

Appeared on Themeisle WordPress Community Interview

Truly honored to have been featured in Themeisle’s WordPress community interview. It’s a beautiful privilege to share my thoughts on this beloved and highly regarded WordPress blog.

Joined a Panel at WordCamp Sylhet 2023

I attended WordCamp Sylhet 2023 and had the privilege of joining a panel titled “WordPress Contributions: Making Global Impact From Here & Leaving Your Mark”. Happy to share the stage with seasoned WordPress contributors.

Talked at WordCamp Nepal 2022

At WordCamp Nepal 2022, I addressed the importance of customer success, emphasizing that a strong content strategy can help bridge the success gap by identifying and addressing it effectively.

Hosted a Roundtable Discussion for ‘Go with WP’

I, Alina Kakshapati didi, Saloni Mehta, and Prithu Singh Thakuri discussed the challenges of balancing work and family life as women in WordPress and tech.

Interviewed Saif Hassan for the ‘Go with WP’ Podcast

I asked Saif Hassan about his WordPress journey and excitement for WordCamp Asia 2023 at WordCamp Kathmandu 2022’s pre-party.

Sunita Rai Writes a HeroPress Essay Sharing her WordPress Journey

Shared my WordPress Journey on HeroPress

I shared my journey toward freedom with WordPress on HeroPress. A bittersweet journey from a small rural village in Nepal to becoming a school teacher to starting my WordPress content marketing career.

I Was a Speaker at WordCamp Kathmandu 2016

My first WordCamp talk was at WordCamp Kathmandu in 2016. I shared how to start WordPress SEO copywriting and gain organic traffic in 10 easy steps.