Sunita Rai

Hi, I am Sunita Rai.

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I am a dreamer.

Dreams are not actual……… Some of our dreams may never take place in our time and space; lie beyond the imagination of others. However, they do exist in the creations – ‘lunatics’ like Laxmi Prasad Devkota was or a ‘Pagal Basti’ in Sarubhakta’s imagination. Therefore, there is hope…. I do believe in dreaming – DREAM BIG!

Since my crazy dreams drove me – I did/do get interested in hundreds of different things that are not relevant by any means. Actually, anything grabs my attention – makes me think, smile, laugh, cry, scream and ultimately IMAGINE!

Thankfully, I am not alone who thinks this way. It was a relief when a FRIEND of mine said: “I like every phenomenon of society”. I came out of the anxious confusion within myself – why I can’t think only my concerns…

The way to this day was not straight and smooth – so was thrilling……… And because crazy dreams backdropped it. Literally, a strong faith and willingness for Education led me all the way along and the decent good hearts around kept me going……. Inspirations are everywhere around us…

I am not good at writing but passionately wanted to write something comprehensive – delivering my thoughts, perspectives to the people precisely. Moreover, English writing always fascinated me, probably because I was aware of what I was lacking – that could be a hindrance in stealing the life game. Even today, I am struggling.

At times, I sit down to write but end up just thinking – without a single paragraph. But, the deep-lying greed of writing makes me sit again…..And eventually, I get to write something.

Extending my boundaries, I am trying to write… This blog is my attempt to share my thoughts (personal) -PERSPECTIVES!

I am an apprentice Sociologist. I also love doing online research and cover tech stories – WordPress and SEO. Above all, I am a LEARNER.

Things and surroundings are changing……….

Put your best efforts! Live with no regrets!

Be a positivist – “All is well”.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

That’s simple.

One step at a time.

* * *