My Video Appearances

Archive of all videos where you can see me talking or presenting. 🙂

Interviewed Saif Hassan for Go with WP Podcast

I asked Saif Hassan about his WordPress journey and how excited he is for the upcoming WordCamps, specifically WordCamp Asia 2023.

Set at the pre-party of WordCamp Kathmandu 2022, we talked about the beauty of WordPress community events where a new person is learning WordPress every day and contributing to the open source movement.

Participated at Roudatable Discussion for Go with WP

I, Alina Kakshapati d, Saloni Mehta, and Prithu Singh Thakuri talked about managing work and family life as working women in WordPress.

It’s a huge challenge given the stereotypical gender roles existing in our society. That gets more challenging when the space for ‘work’ and ‘family’ is the same, i.e. when working from home. In fact, it blurs distinctions between ‘work time’ and ‘family time’ and puts women into a higgledy-piggledy state of mind.

So, how can working women manage their time? How do they balance family responsibilities and jobs? How do they handle stress? We shared our real experiences.

Talked with Saloni Mehta for Go with WP

Saloni Mehta is my dear friend. Professionally, she’s a WordPress Developer at Matat Web Application and an Envato Author with years of expertise in the area.

In this episode of the Go with WP podcast, I asked her about her WordPress journey, her struggles as a mother programmer, her achievements, and her aspirations. Her story is truly inspirational for many women.

I Was a Speaker at WordCamp Kathmandu 2016

I shared how to start WordPress SEO copywriting and gain organic traffic in 10 easy steps.